Christmas Eve night, Covington police officer Lance Benjamin was patrolling his area when all of sudden, he felt claws and pecking on his face and neck. He had no idea what was happening at first, but then he noticed a huge owl sitting in his passenger seat!

As I was exiting the subdivision, going about 10 miles per hour, suddenly I felt something hit the left side of my face. Thinking, okay maybe it was a football or something. Then I felt some scratching on the back of my head and some pecking," said Benjamin. 

An owl flew right into his open driver's side window and made himself right at home.

Slapped me a few times with his wings, kept on going with his talons.

Officer Benjamin says he eventually ran the car into a ditch as he was being scratched up by the owl, but managed to not damage the cruiser.

After the vehicle came to a stop he rolled down the windows and after about 45 minutes, the owl finally took off.

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