We now know who Michael B. Jordan will be fighting as the official trailer for "Creed III" was released on Tuesday. And the ninth installment in the "Rocky" film franchise will be directed by none other than the man who stars as "Adonis Creed" himself, Michael B. Jordan.

The third movie in the "Creed" spinoff series will be the directorial debut for the 35-year-old Jordan, who has not only starred in the "Creed" series but also in "Black Panther," "Fantastic Four," and "Red Tails," just to name a few. The dual role of directing and acting was certainly a challenge for Jordan but he says "it's so much fun."

The challenge of accomplishing it all, the multitasking nature of it to develop story, try to stay in shape and give all the departments what they individually need and then have my process as Adonis, it’s really hard to put into words," says Jordan in this Variety article. "Every day was a struggle but it was the team of people who were around me — you have to surround yourself with people you trust so you can focus on what you need to focus on, and sometimes that is doing two things at one time. Three things at one time.”

In this movie, Creed will face "Damien Anderson," played by Jonathan Majors. Majors has starred in "The Last Black Man in San Francisco" and as Atticus Freeman in the HBO television series "Lovecraft Country."

As you will see in the trailer, Creed has it all. He's on top of the world. A WBC World Heavyweight Championship, a husband to a woman who has become successful in her own career, and a father to his young daughter. Then, he comes out to see a man leaning against his car and realizes it's Anderson, a friend from the past who has been locked up for 18 years. As the trailer takes you through their relationship, you begin to see that Anderson wants what Creed has and the two must face off to settle things.

WATCH the trailer below:

As a lifelong fan of the "Rocky" franchise, I love what has been done in the "Creed" series. As Sylvester Stallone has gotten older and has essentially handed everything off to Jordan, it has been fun to watch Jordan put his own stamp on everything as he plays Apollo Creed's son.

The movie is scheduled to be released on March 3, 2023. I can't wait!

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