We've all seen the "Rocky" movies more times than we can remember. Every time I watch them, I usually notice something in the movies I haven't before. However, as many times as I've seen these movies, I never knew the true story behind this one part of the story, until now.

In the video below, Sylvester Stallone reveals the true story behind the little gold boxing gloves we see Rocky wearing around his neck. In "Rocky V", there's a flashback to when his trainer Mickey gives Rocky the gloves to wear around his neck. Mickey says in the scene that they were given to him by boxing legend Rocky Marciano. As Stallone explains, those gloves are in fact, actual cuff links that were once Rocky Marciano's!

Stallone explains how he got the cuffs, and how after he did he wrote them into the movie.


Here is the scene from "Rocky V" where Mickey gives the cuff links to Rocky.


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