A town without dancing? That's the setting and the backdrop for the musical Footloose as performed by Christian Youth Theater of Lafayette. The musical features the hit songs made popular by the movie starring Kevin Bacon back in 1984. The difference is that this performance is live on stage and the cast of characters is 18 years of age and younger.

At first blush you might think that this is just another kids performance. You'd be mistaken my friend. The CYT performances that I have seen, and I have seen most of them over the past five years, are exquisite. The sets rival almost any theater company in the country. The talent, while young, is still beyond good. Many of these youngsters could audition for and excel on TV shows such as American Idol or The Voice. In fact several of them have tried out for those TV shows.

Performances are scheduled for Angelle Hall on the Campus of U.L. beginning this Thursday. There will be performances on Friday evening and two shows on Saturday. The final performance will be on Sunday afternoon.  Tickets are more than reasonably priced and may be purchase online or at the door while they are still available.

If you have a child that has an interest in theater and you'd like to see them nurture that interest around a really caring group of kids and adults I would encourage you looking into CYT. My daughter, Anna, has been a part of CYT productions over the past several years and I can't tell you the enjoyment, sense of accomplishment, and self-esteem this program helps to foster. If you want your kid to get to know other good kids, I heartily endorse joining the CYT program.