The stars of  Discovery Channel's "Deadliest Catch" seem to get their name in the paper a lot lately. The most recent fella caught in some legal drama is captain Sig Hansen.

On Thursday he was arrested after allegedly kicking an Uber driver's car and spitting on the driver.

According to police reports, the incident occurred around 2:00am in Seattle, after the driver picked up a group of passengers celebrating Norwegian Constitution Day. (Who knew that day constituted a party?! Ah, see what we did there???)

The group's ride was canceled in the app and they offered to pay with cash. But that's something Uber drivers are unable to accept for a ride.

The passengers then exited the car. Hansen, however, kicked the driver's door, denting it, and also spat at him.

Here comes the shocker: the police report described Hansen as "intoxicated."

Hansen denied having an altercation when police questioned him at home. He would later tell officers that his son-in-law offered the driver $100 for the ride and he thought the driver was stupid for not accepting it.

Hansen was booked for investigation of assault and property destruction.


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