If you're checking this out on your smartphone in your bed, you better put the phone down and get on up. You're going to want some extra time to get to work and school if you live east of the Texas line and south of U.S. Highway 190.

The National Weather Service has posted a Dense Fog Advisory for the area at least until mid-morning. Forecasters say warm moist air that is in place over south Louisiana is being influenced by the slightly cooler waters of the Gulf of Mexico. This is the perfect recipe for sea fog.

Driving in foggy conditions can be pretty tricky. Motorists are encouraged to reduce their speed in dense fog areas. You are also reminded that you must have your headlights on, even after the sun rises. Having your headlights might not increase your ability to see but it does make your vehicle more visible to adjacent traffic.

Those with travel plans by air out of Lafayette and Lake Charles are encouraged to check with your airline for changes in flight times, cancellations, or delays.

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