Every mother's son has the same dream at some time in their life. That dream is to bring some relaxation and comfort to the woman who gave her all to raise him. Derrius Guice has probably held onto a similar dream for his mom since he was a little boy. Yesterday, Guice was able to deliver a small amount of thanks and gratitude to his mom in the form of a brand new Jaguar SUV.

The former LSU standout and soon to be Washington Redskins rookie had made it known that the only thing he wanted out of his rookie contract was to be able to take care of his mother Beulah. Based on his actions, it certainly appears that Guice is working hard to fulfill his dream. Not the dream of football stardom, but the dream of making his mother smile.

After the initial shock wore off and Beulah had the chance to see her new car, Guice along with friends and family celebrated with a bottle of bubbly.

What I love most about the video is the consistent comments of "we" made it. How fitting and how true that statement is. No athlete ever makes it "alone". Somewhere along the path, there was a mom or a dad who made sure that the athlete was working hard in school, working hard in practice, and learning how to become a man.

Mrs. Guice, congratulations, not just on your new car, but on raising a fine young man who learned at your knee the important lessons of life.

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