Officials with the New Orleans Poilice Department confirm that a body was found in the Mississippi River this morning according to WGNO.

The body is in the Mississippi near the Crescent City Park area. Officials with the NOPD say they are working to pull the body from the river.

There is no information at this time as to whether or not the body is that of a male or female. Authorites are also not able to determine whether or not the body is that of an adult or a younger person.

On Saturday, April 23, three children fell into the Mississippi River.

Officials say they are working to try to get the correct vessel around the body to be able to remove it from the water.

It was around 8:30 this morning when the body was discovered, and police were called out there to begin their investigation.

A New Orleans police officer told WGNO that one of the problems in determining more about the body at this point is waterlogging.

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