As the Louisiana legislature is trying to revamp and revive the television and film industry in the state, it's good to know that some really cool productions are moving forward, and one of them is right down I-10 in Baton Rouge.

The state legislature is moving forward with a tax credits bill that could sweeten the pot for production companies who will hire local and state help to film in Louisiana, and evidently, the folks at Disney were paying attention. According to the Louisiana Office of Economic Development, a new Disney + movie is in the works, with an estimated budget of $40 million. The project is expected to "employ hundreds of Louisiana residents, and production plans call for 325 crew members and 400 extras."

The live-action feature film is called "Crater", and will be based out of Celtic Studios in Baton Rouge. Filming on the futuristic teen space adventure will be done throughout the region. Governor John Bel Edwards told LED "Industry leaders such as The Walt Disney Company know that when they look to Louisiana, they will find a skilled workforce, first-rate soundstages, appealing locations and film-friendly communities. We are happy to welcome Disney to Baton Rouge for another exciting film project.”

This is not the first project that Disney has filmed in Louisiana. They have also used our state as a base for the 2004 baseball comedy "Mr 3000", the Freeform Network's "Cloak and Dagger" series, and the Disney Channel's "secrets of Sulphur Springs".

Read more on the economic impact of filming in Louisiana from LED.



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