Last night, the nation watched as Tua Tagovailoa was carted off the field from what seemed to be a pretty severe head injury. This is the hit that would force Tua to be carted off of the field during last night’s game, but I will warn you that it is hard to watch.

Tua was taken to the hospital where he was further evaluated and was eventually discharged, allowing him to fly home with the team last night. Tua is back home and currently recovering, but fans from around the nation are upset that he was even allowed to play in this game, to begin with. Just four days before taking the field against the Bengals, Tua took a hard hit in Sunday’s game against the Bills that left him stumbling.

He was temporarily taken out of the game to be evaluated by team doctors, but was cleared and allowed to re-enter the game. NFL insider Ian Rapoport says that doctors declared that the injury was due to problems with his back and was never sent into concussion protocol.

Following the incident on Sunday, The NFLPA announced that it was going to investigate the team’s protocol and decision to allow Tua to continue to play. The NFLPA released another statement today regarding the gruesome injury Tua suffered last night.

Dolphin’s Head coach took the podium after the game last night and this is what he had to say about Tua.

Fans are outraged that Tua was even allowed to play last night after what happened to him just four days prior. Fans from around the country took to Twitter to talk about not only Tua’s safety but the safety of every future player in a similar situation.

What's even more chilling than Tua’s injury is a Doctor’s erie tweet just an hour before kickoff. The doctor came out to criticize the NFL and its injury protocol and warned that a very serious injury could be possible if Tua took the field on Thursday night.

In my humble opinion, Tua should have never been allowed to take the field last night. I understand that these players are tough and determined to play through anything, but this was different. The human aspect of the game needed to come through with someone telling Tua that it’s not in his best interest to play that game.

We are all praying and wishing for a full recovery for Tua Tagoailoa.

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