We have just about reached the end of March and there is still plenty to celebrate.Although these holidays aren't quite big enough for Hallmark to get involved we thing they are still worth celebrating.

Today we turn our attention on one of the most power instruments ever invented. We will also celebrate those who help keep us well and sometimes remind us that we are in fact human. We will also discuss something that if everyone did this at least three times a week, we wouldn't might be healthy enough to avoid seeing that person we're also celebrating today.

Today is Pencil Day: Back before my hands started shaking I used to write exclusively with a pencil. To me the  pencil was the perfect instrument for sharing thoughts and ideas generated by the brain. The fact that the pencil is not permanent and can be erased was the perfect metaphor for ideas and how they too need to be changed and amended from time to time. Hey if it weren't for the #2 pencil most of us would have never passed those standardized tests now would we.

Today is Doctor's Day: It seems we have a love hate relationship with the doctor. We love it when he or she helps us feel better or takes care of our children or makes awful diseases go away. We hate it when we have to sit in waiting rooms for endless hours. We hate it when they seem to  know more than we do about our illness despite the fact that we looked up our symptoms on WebMD. We hate it when they tell us we are overweight, our cholesterol is too high, and a prostate exam is needed.  Sometimes we forget that doctors are human and they have good days and bad days and they need a break from time to time too.

Today is Take A Walk In The Park Day: If we all did this walk in the park thing a lot more often our doctor wouldn't have so much to gripe about. Dave Baker says today's weather will feature a mix of clouds and sun and a high that reaches into the low 80's. That would be perfect for taking a nice jaunt in Girard Park in Lafayette. The track around the park is one mile and a quarter and it's got lots of shade so you shouldn't get overheated. The scenery is nice and you can always take a break to go feed the ducks.

So there are three reasons for you to get out of bed and make it a great day. Grab a pencil and head for the park. Take a moment to sketch some of the scenery and then go for a brisk walk. You can then head to your doctor's office to get something for those aching muscles since your not really in shape.