You know the type right, they remember something you did or didn't do from 1992 and you are still held hostage to that one mistake. So what it if it was your wedding video that you taped a football game on top of, still she is mad. Do you know why she is taking so long to get over that small incident of your short sightedness? It's all her Mother's fault. Really it is, science will back me up on this.

Researchers at the University of Minnesota zeroed in on a group of people they've been tracking since before they were born in the mid-1970s. When they were college-age, they and their partners showed up at the lab to participate in a “conflict discussion.” They were instructed to talk about something they didn't see eye to eye on, then they were to follow that up with a cooler-headed conversation about an issue upon which they agreed.

So before you make the plunge, make sure you meet and get to know your future mother-in- law, that could determine your future happiness and whether or not you will be having the same argument year after year after year.

(via Does Your Partner Hold Grudges? Blame It on His Mother – TIME Healthland.)

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