Wesley Chapman has not followed in his famous family's footsteps, but he's still saving lives in his own way. The fourth son of the famous Duane 'Dog' Chapman is the founder of an amazing organization called A Human Project, and according to Forbes, has 'spent the past 7 years rescuing thousands of children from horrifically abusive situations.'

Their Instagram page says 'Our mission is to create a community of EMPOWERED youth.'  And some of the famous faces who have joined Wesley in a massive effort to protect children include Dr Drew Pinsky, actor Rainn Wilson, and music producer, former American Idol judge, and Louisiana native Randy Jackson. According to Wesley 'We’ve worked with federal agencies to rescue children from abuse, among other things.' That is understatement from someone who admittedly doesn't want to ride on his dad's famous coattails. Forbes just did an in depth story on the incredible work that Wesley Chapman has done, and it's really worth a read. Considering the tough year the Chapman's have had, maybe this little light of sunshine will help them help others.

Watch the video below of their annual gathering of members of 'A Human Project'.


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