Valentines Day is tomorrow, y'all. If we're being honest, this 'holiday' is a much loved, and hated annual event in America..This year the day of love will be celebrated on Thursday, February 14th, and if you are one of those looking for another reason to hate Valentine's Day, Cosmopolitan Magazine has come up with some of the worst Valentine's stories ever.

Thank God nobody in my family, (and that includes me!) does not show up in this article.  These Valentine's Day disasters should serve as a reminder to every lover out there to  pay attention. Some of my favorites are below, but you can read all of  the disasters here. Enjoy your day, even if it's not with Cupid this year.

At least this year, if you have a horrible Valentines Day, you can always compensate this weekend with some Mardi Gras festivities!


  • She's lactose intolerant, and he was thoughtful enough to get her not chocolate, or wine, for Valentine's Day, but cheesecake. Way to go, fella
  •  Girl complains to boy that she's never received flowers for V Day. He responds with an assortment of flavored 'flours' for his sweetie, thinking that he was being thoughtful and funny. No, just no
  •  Girlfriend gets a pair of gently worn 'vintage' ankle boots from boyfriend....that he picked up at a garage sale
  • Perfect Valentine's date at fancy restaurant, followed by boyfriend running into ex girlfriend on the street after. They proceed to go down memory lane, and he 'forgets' to introduce new sweetie for at least 20 minutes. #breakuptime
  • Guy invites girl over for romantic Valentines Night movie date at his place. Only no romantic comedies to put her in the mood, just the ultra violent 'Reservoir Dogs'. #ugh
  • Girl invites her fella over for romantic V Day meal at her place. He has no gift for her, and doesn't want to eat the delish meal she prepared......because he already ate and spent quality Valentines time with his OTHER girlfriend earlier in the night. Oops.

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