I consider myself to be a pretty good cook. Not a chef, but I do enjoy putting meals together for family and friends. So, I was very interested in an article I read about different foods that you really shouldn't wash before preparing. And more importantly, those you always need to wash before cooking. I've also added in a few of my own, that I've discovered by trial and error. Thanks to brightside.me for the great info!

Never Wash These:

  • Eggs - a protective substance is coated on the shells to prevent bacteria
  • Chicken - washing will only spread germs to your sink and your hands
  • Meat - same as chicken. You don't want salmonella to spread from washing the raw meat
  • Pasta - rinsing removes the starch, which is used to help thicken and absorb sauces
  • Mushrooms - they absorb water quickly, and can spoil if washed too far in advance of cooking

Always Wash These:

  • Fruit and vegetables with skin you can eat - just because they are shiny doesn't mean that they don't need a quick rinse
  • Tin cans - with the lid on, bacteria can't get in to the food, but if you don't wash the outside and then open them, it's easy for germs to quickly get on the contents
  • Fruit and vegetables with skin you can't eat - no matter how well you peel these, there is always a chance of bacteria being transferred. Just a quick wash should work for watermelon, bananas and other melons
  • Nuts - always wash nuts, because most are covered with phytic acid, which prevents parasites
  • Dried Fruits - hard to believe, but these are considered to be some of the dirtiest, especially if you buy in bulk. Wash, or even soak, before you eat or use to cook


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