Your selfies are about to get a solid boost if you're in the downtown Lafayette area.

A new mural in Parc De Lafayette is the perfect photo backdrop to visit the next time you're bouncing around downtown. The new artwork, located next to Biergarten off Jefferson street, comes courtesy of popular visual artist Marc "Fresh" Verret and there's so much more to the mural than just being a colorful background for your next IG post.

Hunter Hebert with Downtown Development Authority says it's something they're excited to bring to the popular social district and noted a few details in the mural that make a nod to the history of downtown Lafayette.

We’re trying to breathe some life into our public spaces. We color matched historic buildings and architectural elements found in the downtown environment in order to stay true to our identity.

At a time where people were limited in their entertainment options when it came to indoor spaces, many people rediscovered their love for being outdoors and only highlighted the appeal for better outdoor options.

We realize the importance of our public spaces downtown, but COVID-19 and the associated indoor capacity limits highlighted the need for more and better maintained outdoor spaces.

Check out the mural for yourself the next time you visit downtown and give the artist a visit on IG to see more of his work. Hopefully, we get to see more of his visuals in the downtown Lafayette area and beyond.

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