Dustin Poirier is literally bringing the heat to Conor McGregor.

UFC fans are gearing up to see Louisiana's own Dustin Poirier go head to head against Conor McGregor as part of UFC 257. Ahead of the fight, the two-faced off for a photo op where Dustin brought a little lagniappe for the Conor, in true Cajun fashion.

You can see the respect between the two professionals as they get ready for tomorrow night's fight, but also the friendship as McGregor's eyes lit up when he saw Dustin pull out a bottle of his signature Poirier's Louisiana Style Hot Sauce.


Conor even held onto it as he pumped up the big event, giving Dustin's hot sauce a shout out on the UFC stage.

You can check out more details on Dustin's hot sauce below as he's definitely celebrating National Hot Sauce Day (there's also a November 5th Hot Sauce Day, but who's complaining about too much hot sauce, right?)

You can also check out the UFC 257 event on ESPN Plus at the price of $69.99 to stream it at home. We'll be rooting for you, Diamond!


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