Driving while intoxicated, obviously we don't make the laws strict enough in Louisiana. Why else would we have repeat offenders. In this case a 5 time repeat offender involved in an accident. To add insult to injury this jackwagon was texting while he was driving drunk.

According to information released by the Louisiana State Police - Troop D out of Lake Charles, Brent Hetzler of Westlake was behind the wheel of 1995 Chevy pickup truck when he crossed the line and crashed into oncoming traffic. To be fair, the driver of the other vehicle saw what was happening, pulled to the shoulder of the road and actually stopped his car. The drunk texter still managed to hit him.

The accident or should this incident be considered assault with a deadly weapon, occurred near Kinder on Nevils Bluff Road. Troopers investigating the crash scene not only determined that Hetzler was operating a vehicle while impaired. He actually had disabled an ignition interlock device that was put in place after his last DWI conviction. To add insult to injury Mr. Hetzler had an 8 year old child in the vehicle with him. Both Mr. Hetzler and the innocent child were not wearing seat belts.

The charges Mr. Hetzler is now facing include, DWI fifth offense ,this arrest includes child endangerment, tampering with an interlock device, driving left of center, texting while driving, and no seat belt.