We are fast approaching the days of egg salad, deviled eggs, and eggs lost somewhere in the house that we won't find until they begin to rot. It's Easter. One of the fun traditions of this time of year is the dying and hiding of eggs.

I won't disparage those of you enjoy hiding and finding Easter eggs. I find the whole activity to be very frustrating but if you enjoy looking for things that are lost that don't need to be lost in the first place, it's your time go for it.

I do like the dying of Easter eggs. We usually purchase the dye tablets that you drop in vinegar. That process usually yields about two really pretty eggs, eight marginal looking eggs, and two eggs that look as if the hen laid them from the incorrect orifice.

I've always wondered how people get those really cool multi-colored swirled eggs. I now know that secret. They use whipped cream or shaving cream and food coloring to get that effect.

The process is really simple.

1. Get a shallow baking dish or throw away aluminum pan. Put about half of an inch of whipped cream or shaving cream in the bottom. Get a box of food coloring and squirt a little bit of each color at random on top of the "cream".

2. Take a stick, skewer, toothpick, and swirl the colors into each other. You don't want to over mix it or you will wind up with hen butt looking eggs as referenced above.

3. Take your hard boiled eggs and gently roll them, dab them, touch them to the food colors and cream.  The swirled pattern from the cream will transfer to the egg. Once you've dragged the eggs through the cream set them aside to dry on a paper towel.

4. After 15 or 20 minutes rinse the cream off of your eggs and what you have left behind is a uniquely colored egg with elegant swirls and effects that you can't get with that wire dipper and coffee mugs full of vinegar.

If you're worried about whether or not your family can eat the eggs after this dying process then you'll certainly want to choose whipped cream over shaving cream. The whipped cream can be homemade or store bought and the food coloring you'll want to choose should be non-toxic. Most food coloring is.

Send us pictures when you're done so we can see how well you and your family did.

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