Holy Smokes! Well it seems as if there is now a new way for smoking to kill you. This is a lot different than the traditional long drawn out death from emphysema, COPD, and cancer. This is death by fire and it's not from a traditional cigarettes.

E-cigs or electronic cigarettes have been touted as a safer alternative to smoking. While vaping as it has been called might not expose your body to as many  harmful chemicals as tobacco, there is now a different concern. You could catch on fire.

The State Fire Marshal's office has put out a warning concerning this particular danger. Two people in our state have been accidentally burned when their electronic cigarette exploded while on their person.

Those batteries did overheat after coming in contact with other metal objects within the victims’ pant pocket and in fact exploded and caught fire,

That's what Deputy Chief Brant Thompson told the Louisiana Radio Network about those particular incidents.

A man in Baton Rouge suffered third degree burns when his vaporizing device exploded in his pants pocket. A Houma man also suffered serious burns in a different but similar situation. The problem is related to the batteries in the devices and other metal objects such as car keys they might come in contact with.

Never put loose batteries in your pocket where they may come in contact with other batteries or metal objects. Make sure that there are no deformities with batteries that are intended for use.

Deputy Chief Thompson also advises against using lower quality batteries in your vaping device. He suggests it's worth it to secure the proper batter for your particular device. He also suggests it's a good idea to keep your keys and other metal objects in a different pocket.

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