Back in the day, one sure way to wind up in the hospital on Easter Sunday would have been to tell my Grandmother that we were not going to attend Easter services at church. I promise you the swift blow from the back of her hand would have left a lump on your head that would be comparable in size to the stone they rolled away at the tomb of Jesus.

That was then. This is today. A "today" that includes the COVID-19 virus threat, a Stay-at-Home order, and governmental decree to not gather in groups. While that might be simpler to do during the workweek, keeping South Louisiana families apart on weekends and especially Easter weekend will be a tall order indeed.

Many governmental agencies are imploring residents to respect the wishes of current healthcare guidance. That will mean many large Cajun families will have to be apart on a holiday where families traditionally gather in mass after Mass.

It will also mean Easter church services will be affected. Many local churches have already made their Sunday messages available in online broadcasts. While that might be fine for many, I am sure if my Grandmother was alive she would say that sitting in front of a computer is not going to church.

Governor Edwards was quite adamant in his press conference yesterday when asked about Easter Sunday in Louisiana. Here are the highpoints of what Governor Edwards had to say about Easter gatherings and Easter services.

We know this weekend will be different for most in Louisiana. There is no Easter exemption from the Stay At Home order. There is no Easter exemption from the 10 person limit - in fact (the state) is asking that you don't gather in groups of 10, at all! The virus is very much in control of our social efforts. We can control how bad this gets.

I think the takeaway from those comments should be found in the last line. "We can control how bad this gets".  I trust that you and your family will do what you believe is in your best interest. Not only for the health and well being of yourself and your family but for the health and well being of your spiritual self as well.



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