Extraordinary circumstances, you could say we have those in Louisiana today. We have two big events that are happening today in our state and based on the court of public opinion you can tell which one most people seem to care about the most.

The two big events are the College Football Championship Game in New Orleans and the swearing-in ceremonies of John Bel Edwards and all of those other ladies and gentlemen who bothered to get elected serve our state last fall. Judging by the way governmental ceremonies are being expedited you can tell football is the bigger deal along the bayou today.

If you did want to attend the swearing-in ceremonies for Governor Edwards you could probably do that on your way to the game. Ceremonies are set for 11:30 this morning on the steps of the Capitol. The House and Senate will convene at 10 AM prior to the Governor's ceremony.

The normal glitter and glitz associated with an inauguration have been put on the back burner because of tonight's game. There will not be an inaugural ball, at least until sometime later if at all. Instead, tonight's ball will be oblongly shaped and passed and kicked around the turf at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.


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