This weekend a lot of the world's attention will be focused on two cities in Louisiana. There will be hundreds of thousands of guests dropping in on Lafayette for the five-day celebration that is Festival International. And there were be even more hundreds of thousands of music and food fans gracing the grass at the Fairground Race Course in New Orleans for the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival.

Both of those big events kick off this week and into the weekend but for today's Shaking Out the Good Stuff spotlight from Morton Salt's Weeks Island facility we are thinking on a smaller scale. The Etouffee Festival in Arnaudville is in its 37th year. And while at first blush this festival might seem "small" compared to goings on in Lafayette and New Orleans, all you have to do is stop by to feel the enormity and scope of how important this festival is to the community it serves.

This year's Etouffee Festival will commence on April 26th, that's Friday and it will conclude on Sunday. The festival will feature a great selection of live musical performers and some great food too.

What makes the Etoufee Festival so special to us, as we are "Shaking Out the Good Stuff" is how funds generated by the festival are reinvested in the community. The festival itself is also a great "family gathering" too. You'll see a lot of families enjoying their time at the Etouffee Festival as well.

And while we hope you can make it to Jazzfest or to Festival International, just know that you don't have to go big to feel at home. Which is what the folks at Morton Salt Weeks Island facility are all about.


If you're looking to make a big impact for your family with an employer that cares about you, your future, and your personal growth you should consider a position with Morton Salt. You can find out about the opportunities they have available. And do make time to "go small" this weekend and enjoy the Etoufee Festival in Arnaudville, where we are Shaking Out the Good Stuff today.

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