Atlanta Falcons fans wanted some trash talking billboards to be put up in New Orleans, and they couldn't find anyone to take their money.  According to a Atlanta Falcons subreddit , a GoFundMe account raised almost $2,000 to counter the billboards that were put up around the Super Bowl host city last week claiming that the Saints were robbed of the NFC Championship. says a poll was taken on the forum site and some of the top five vote getters for the billboards included 'Atlanta Weather Report: Sunday Feb. 3rd, 42 degrees, NO BREES', and 'Last 2 Saint playoff scores ‘It’s a NOLA thing'. 

Atlanta Falcons fans were to be given credit on the billboards, but New Orleans business owners were not taking the bait, or the money. Guess they have waaaaaay more class than the Atlanta billboard owners who were more than happy to take money trashing the NFL on their billboards in Atlanta. WHO DAT!

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