WWE Hall of Fame wrestler Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka was arrested yesterday and charged with murdering his girlfriend Nancy Argentino back in 1983.

On the day of her death, Snuka was wrestling in Allentown, Pennsylvania. She stayed back at the hotel.

When he got back, there was yellow fluid oozing from her nose and mouth, and she was gasping for breath. She was rushed to the hospital, but she died the next day.

Snuka initially told people that he pushed her and she hit her head when she fell. In some versions of his story they were fighting, in others they were horsing around. But either way, he didn't mean to push her that hard.

He later would change his story and said she slipped and hit her head the day before, when they stopped on the side of the highway to pee. That's the story he stuck with for all these years.

Whatever the case, he was never charged.

However, in 1985, Nancy's family did win a $500,000 civil suit against him, though they never saw a dime. He claimed he was broke and couldn't afford a legal defense. He never paid.

Fast forward to 2013 when the Allentown newspaper "The Morning Call" got prosecutors to take another look at the case after they published a coroner's report that had never been released to the public.

The report said that Nancy died from her head striking a stationary object. She also had injuries all over her body that were consistent with "mate abuse" and the coroner said that Nancy's death should be investigated as a homicide.

The case was turned over to a grand jury last year. Snuka was arrested at his home in New Jersey yesterday and charged with third-degree murder. He's since been released on bail.

Snuka is now 72 years old. Nancy was 23 years old when she died.

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