No matter how much pain and strife the year 2020 has brought to you and your family it just might pale in comparison to what a South Louisiana family is facing this morning. Members of the Perro family of Abbeville are waking up this morning without a home. The home the eleven members of that family shared was destroyed by a fire.

According to information from a gofundme page online, the blaze happened on Sunday. Unfortunately, the home was deemed a total loss by fire officials. What makes this story even more difficult is the fact that the family had just begun remodeling their home and they had recently completed their back to school shopping.

So, as you might imagine, this is a family in need. KATC Television has published a list of specific items that the family could use. Among those items are clothes for the children and parents. The KATC article details specific sizes. The family is also in need of Chromebook computers for the kids to use this school year.

The nine children range in age from 19 to a pair of 5-year-old twins. Monetary donations may be made through the online gofundme account while donation drop-offs will be available at 1808 Wabash Street in Abbeville.


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