We love Halloween! And contrary to what some folks say, this can be a really creative and awesome family event - not just for kids. Our friends at Hufffington Post have come up with some great ideas for families, or groups, who want to trick or treat together, or maybe just be fun, freaky, and fantastic for Halloween! Some of our favorites are below, but be sure to check out the pics for more great ideas.


  • Toothbrush and Baby Tooth
  • The Michael Jacksons
  • Mouse and Exterminators
  • Dumb and Dumber
  • The Queen and her Royal Guards
  • Ghostbusters
  • Elvis and his Guitar
  • Sushi
  • Pirates
  • The Flintstones
  • The Rubbles

They are so many fun things you can do as a group for Halloween, so feel free to use these photos as a guide, and send us your best pics of YOUR family for the holiday!



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