A while back I thought it would be fun to compose a top 5 list of famous people and do it parish by parish. It seemed like an easy idea at the time but the more I thought of the who's who from each Acadiana parish, the more I thought "I can't do this alone!"

So, I need your help. Think of people from your hometown or home parish and let me know some of these names. It's easy to think of folks like Hunter Hayes and Jake Delhomme and Ron Guidry and Paul Prudhomme, etc. But I bet there are some people that were born here and went on to do amazing things all over the world.

I want to hear from you. Email me your suggestions for a series of web posts I will do entitled "Top 5 Famous People From _____ Parish". My email is jude@973thedawg.com or you can comment below through Facebook. And I thank you in advance for your help.


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