This is the week that so many South Louisiana residents mark their calendars for a year in advance. It is Festival International week. It's the week that that world comes to Acadiana. Just how much of the world shows up in downtown Lafayette could depend a lot on what Mother Nature has planned for this week.

Festival International is set to begin on Wednesday, April 24th. The festival runs through Sunday, April 28th. Wednesday's opening performances by Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys and Keith Frank and the Soileau Zydeco Band could be facing some inclement weather.

Forecasters have put increasing rain chances into the forecast for Wednesday with a 70% probability of rain in the overnight hours. The forecast for Thursday doesn't improve much during the day with a 90% chance of rain forecast but does call for conditions to improve as the day wears on.

Hopefully, by Thursday's evening musical performances the weather will have moved out of the area and the rest of the festival run can be comfortable and dry. Forecasters are only including a slight chance of showers in your plans for Friday and the weekend forecast looks to be spectacular. 


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