June first has arrived and with it so has the start of the 2021 Atlantic Hurricane Season. Last year's season was a doozy. It is hoped that this year's storm season won't be quite so bad. Although, most tropical forecasters are saying we should expect an "above average" year.


If you weren't aware, we've already had one named tropical system this year. It was a subtropical storm named Ana and it stayed out in the Atlantic. Which is where I would hope all of these storms would just live and die. But alas, such is not the case in most tropical seasons.

In fact, forecasters with the National Hurricane Center are monitoring an area of the Western Caribbean Sea for tropical development as early as Thursday or Friday of this week. As of now, forecasters are predicting an area of low pressure will form over the southwestern Caribbean off the coast of Nicaragua or Honduras.

The potential for development as assigned by the Hurricane Center is only 20% over the next five days. But the system is forecast to move to the northeast and it's unclear at this time if the system will be affected by the Central American coast or if it will remain over open water.


Just for clarity's sake, this is a model projection and not an official forecast. However, this part of the Caribbean can be a hot spot for tropical development during the month of June. Should the system develop further we will keep you updated on its projected path and potential for strengthening.

Meanwhile, we can spend the majority of this week avoiding afternoon showers and staying cool. For the showers, we suggest an umbrella. For staying cool, well we suggest you look at this.

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