A few weeks ago I saw former U.S. Rep. Charles Boustany at the airport and we visited for a few minutes as he was a regular guest on the Bruce & Jude morning show for many years. Of course, one of the topics I brought up was his next adventure since he was no longer an elected official. He said he had a few options he was weighing. Looks he finally made a decision on at least part of his future.

Boustany has agreed to join a Washington lobbying firm called Capitol Counsel after losing his bid late last year at the U.S. Senate. The Lafayette Republican and retired surgeon will focus on health care, tax and trade issues.

Boustany was a member of the House for 12 years but he gave up that seat to run for the Senate. He won't be able to lobby his former colleagues for two years, but the ban doesn't extend to executive branch agencies.

The move has been the vogue thing to do for many lawmakers who recently left Congress. He joins former U.S. Senators David Vitter and Mary Landrieu in making the move to lobbying.

Jim McCrery, a one-time Louisiana congressman, is a partner at Capital Counsel.

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