In about three weeks voters across Louisiana will go to the polls to select our state's next United States Senator. The race is a crowded one and most political pundits see a runoff election as unavoidable. If you believe the results of a recently released survey by JMC Analytics the likely hood Democrat Foster Campbell appears to be very high.

Many political observers have thought that if Foster, one of only two Democrats in the race, could gain the backing of the state's Democratic voters his appearance in a runoff would almost be a certainty. In this latest poll Foster had 23% of voters in his corner while the other Democratic contender Caroline Fayard was polling at 9%.

It appears that Campbell has more resources to get the message out and Campbell has the support of a sitting Democratic governor.

Those comments were made by pollster John Couvillion who suggested in his comments to the Louisiana Radio Network that the real fight in the Senate race would be for second place and that fight is currently a battle between three Republican candidates.

The poll, commissioned by the campaign of Congressman John Fleming, suggested that he, Fleming was in a position to claim that runoff position over John Kennedy and Charles Boustany. That would be if certain things happened.

Fleming is sitting in third place at 15%, if you add in the undecided leaners, Fleming nudges into the second place spot.

Just for transparency sake, that's a mighty big "if" that all of the undecided voters would cast a ballot for anyone particular candidate.

If there is one thing that we have noticed over the past few weeks it's this. The candidate whose campaign pays for the poll usually shows up in a very favorable light. So don't be surprised if you read about or hear about another poll that has entirely different results when they are released.

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