Valentine's Day is here and no doubt there are countless men currently in panic mode. If you didn't plan something by now, chances are you have made one of the following mistakes.

Here's a list of the four most common Valentine's Day mistakes that men make.

  1. Forgetting to Make a Reservation. If you're going to a nice dinner tonight and you think you're just going to waltz in the door and sit down, think again. It's time to start panicking Romeo!
  2. Giving Her Stripper Lingerie. A little sexy number is fine. But some guys go way overboard. You know your miss doesn't want crotchless panties!
  3. Constantly Complaining That It's a "Hallmark Holiday". We all know that Valentine's Day is a made up holiday invented by the card companies to sell more greeting cards and chocolate. However, don't harp on it all night. You'll just look cheap.
  4. Buying Her a Last-Minute Present at the Nearest Drug Store. We've all had to do it at one time or another for some holiday or birthday, but not for Valentine's Day fellas. If she finds out that you were late and cheap, it's going to be an early evening for you.

Now, if you completely forgot about Valentine's Day until now, just rush over to the flower aisle, get a bouquet and a bottle of wine and cross your fingers. Just make sure you take the price tag off the flowers.