It wouldn't be a natural disaster in Louisiana if there wasn't some sort of political discourse thrown in for good measure would it? The Louisiana Republican Party is suggesting, rather strongly, that Governor John Bel Edwards has used flood relief efforts to bolster his campaign fund.

If you're wondering exactly how to connect the dots in these allegations here's what we've been able to learn. Jason Dore, the Executive Director of the Louisiana GOP, said that Edwards, while in Washington seeking aid for flood relief, also attended a fund raising event on behalf of his political campaign.

I think that it shows he had a split focus. He wasn’t singularly focused on bringing back recovery for Louisiana and making sure that we are made whole and that FEMA is held accountable for all of its actions.

Those are Dore's comments as made to the Louisiana Radio Network.

You can imagine the Governor's office was quick to deflect the allegations. Communications Director, Richard Carbo, told LRN that the event did occur in Washington. It was held after the Governor spent the day soliciting funding for Louisiana flood victims.

He took it a step further and paid for his accommodations through his campaign. So he’s being very transparent about it and being very responsible with the taxpayer funds.

It appears to be a case of political "he said, she said". We will leave it up to you to draw your own conclusions as to whether you believe the Governor's actions were on his own dime and his own time and  just fine or if they were a heinous and egregious violation of the public trust.

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