Whether it was the rains earlier this year that inundated the Shreveport and surrounding area or the recent heavy rains that did the same thing along the I-10 corridor in August.

Recovering from high water in Louisiana is going take time and money. In fact it's going to take a lot of both. That's Governor John Bel Edwards has created a special task force to oversee issues from both major floods of 2016.

The Restore Louisiana Task Force will be charged with making sure that funding is available and is used properly to bring back communities that were devastated by the floods. It is made up of 21 members whose credentials range from state lawmakers to local mayors and the Governor's own cabinet.

The task at hand is get people back in their houses as quickly and efficiently and effectively as possible and that’s what we have to keep top of mind throughout all of our work.

Those comments were reported by the Louisiana Radio Network. The words were spoken by Lamar Advertising CEO Sean Reilly. Reilly is no stranger to helping our state recover from major disasters. He was also a part of the Louisiana Recovery Authority. This group was charged with steering recovery efforts after hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005.

We need to come up with a program and an aid package that quickly and efficiently closes that gap that people have in the resources they need to get themselves back in their house.

In addition to helping individual home owners who did not have flood insurance or need help bridging the gap between the flood and recovery. The task force will also help structure recovery plans for small businesses affected by the floods.

If you look at the allocation of the dollars, the task force hasn’t met yet so we don’t know how that allocation is going to come out, there is something for effective businesses, much like we did after Katrina and Rita.

Members of the task force will be meeting in the coming days and weeks. They will then issue their report and suggestions to Governor Edwards' office for implementation.

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