Monsters under the bed, how do you teach your kid to be brave? Well this Mom need not worry about her three year old. She is quite brave and has a distinct plan on how to handle any monsters that might dare to enter her bedroom. I know the language is a little salty so Mom and Dad preview it before you share this with the rest of the family.

It is just so cute the way she says it and I personally think she is saying "ask". This is just one of the tough situations that Moms and Dads face everyday. Parenting is something that I think you learn as you go and your starting point is what you learned from your parents. Since most of us turned out pretty good, I am guessing that our kids will carry on the tradition of good human beings on the planet for the next generation.

How do you handle it when  your kids or grandkids say a naughty word? It is so hard not to laugh because it is so cute. If you have a video of your little one saying something "interesting" we'd love to see it, please feel free to share it with us. We love sharing great moments in parenting with every one.