Organizers of an event to be held at the University of Louisiana's Alumni House today say it doesn't matter what side of the issue of gun control you fall on, your input is needed to help develop some solid ideas on how to eliminate gun violence in our society.

The Center for Louisiana Studies is hosting a symposium on gun violence today to address what organizers are calling the biggest problem in our state today. The event will feature presentations from scholars across the state who have studied the issue of gun violence in many different ways.

We have folks who are looking at gun violence from the perspectives of mental health, in historical context, human rights issue, race and gender.

Those comments were made by Michael Martin the director of the Center for Louisiana Studies. It is his hope that by having a wide range of speakers on the issue there can be some positive answers on what might actually work to decrease or eliminate cases of gun violence in our society.

The goal is to come out of the symposium with some very concrete ideas for how the problem of gun violence in Louisiana might be addressed.

Martin's comments were reported in a story published by the Louisiana Radio Network. The symposium is scheduled for today at the U.L. Alumni House opening remarks are scheduled to begin at 9am.