The phone rings, it's a number you don't recognize but you're expecting a delivery from Sears so you pick up the phone. It's a marginally cheerful voice on the other end that mispronounces your last name and wants to know how you are doing. Besides bill collectors these are the phone calls all of us hate to get, it's a telemarketer.

Most people would just hang up the phone but where is the entertainment value in that? I personally ask a lot of  questions of the poor soul who bothers to call me. I string them along until I get bored with the conversation and then mention something about explosive diarrhea and end the call.

The guy on this call in this video may be the biggest jack ass I have ever heard on a telemarketing call. I think we should all send a letter of complaint about him to the National Do Not Call Registry. The number he was calling from was 818-883-0413. I imagine if enough people send in a complaint about that particular number the company will get a call from the Federal Trade Commission and maybe they will be forced to adopt some rules of common decency.

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