The thought that boys will be boys has taken a very ugly turn the past couple of months.Outrageous acts of disrespectful if not unlawful behavior by fraternity members at various colleges and universities across the country have put Greek Life in a very dirty spotlight.

I was not in a fraternity in college, however I have many good friends who were. True, the boys sometimes let their fun get a little close to the line but what we've seen over the past few weeks should be an embarrassment to everyone who has ever been a part of a fraternity or sorority on a college campus.

The Acacia Fraternity at LSU has been shutdown after reports of hazing incidents involving new members were confirmed. The incidents included forced alcohol consumption, physical violence, theft, and other actions that were deemed not to be in the best interest of university students.

The investigation also found that the fraternity did not allow new members to eat during the week of initiation. The fraternity also required new members to participate in activities that interfered with the academic and physical well being of the students.

LSU President F.King Alexander said in a statement that hazing would not be tolerated at LSU. He suspended the fraternity until at least 2018. The national  headquarters of the Acacia Fraternity agreed with the LSU decision to dissolve the chapter.

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