I saw the headline of this video, and it immediately grabbed my attention. Through our daily lives, we all judge each other based on so many things that we can see, without ever speaking a word to the person we're forming opinions about. As the blind man in this video says, it's impossible for him to do anything like that so instead, he has to judge people based on character. I think this video has a pretty sobering and important message, and I wanted to share with you.

This man doesn't know if someone is tall or short, skinny or fat. He can't pass judgement on anyone based on what they wear, how their hair looks or what race they are.

His only option to determine if he likes someone or not is to judge them by how they treat him.

He says "It's all about what's in your heart, and what's in your head. That's the only two things that matter to me about a human."

We should all treat each other the way this man does.

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