We have a dog at our house, his name is Cotton. I am at the bottom of his list of favorite people in our house. Cotton and I have a professional relationship, he provides my children and wife a warm cuddly friend to hold and I mop his toilet every time he uses our living room as such. Still even though this cuddly ball of fluff drives me crazy with his inability to bark when he needs to pee he still provides a calming influence on  our home. I think the act of petting a dog helps everyone relax just a little. To prove my point, one of the most prestigious universities in the country, the Yale School of Law is now offering stressed students the opportunity to check out a dog for half an hour. This 30 minutes of petting and playing is designed to help the students combat the stress of a competitive school environment. Does it work? Why don't you find a sweet dog and pet him for a while and see how you feel.