Lafayette Fire trucks were on the scene for a fire that took place at an empty house Saturday evening at around 10:45pm.  It was located on Ambassador Caffrey between Dulles and Erica Drive, nearly opposite from the Winn-Dixie Grocery Store.

Witnesses at the scene say that the house went up within minutes.  Firefighters said that they did battle with the blaze for around an hour before getting it under control.

The home had been vacant for the last 10 years and was reported to have been in an estate going through succession.  Fire investigators found out that 2 homeless people had been seen entering and leaving the house over the course of the last several weeks.  They were not at the house when the fire took place, but a neighbor had seen them leave around an hour before the fire was reported.

Fire officials are not yet able to say what caused the fire. Anyone with information on the fire are being asked to call the Lafayette Fire Department at 291-8716 or Crimestoppers at 232-TIPS.

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