They say necessity is the mother of all invention. When Hurricanes hit, power becomes a necessity. That's why Mark Gabriel invented the "CrankCase" and the "CrankBox".

CrankCase is a cell phone case that will insure that your battery never dies. CrankBox is a device that allows you to hand power any USB device.

From -

"Just unfold the crank handle and spin.  The handle is connected to a rare earth magnet dynamo generator.  This dynamo generator produces serious power to charge your phone in fact its  23 times more powerful than solar and it works at night!"

"Mark Gabriel and Erik Durr are the co-founders of Ampware. 

In 2005, Gabriel and Durr were both directly affected by Hurricane Katrina.  Separated from loved ones, they relied solely on their cell phones to keep in contact with friends and family."

This isn't an invention I would just want to have in a Hurricane, this is something I would like to have ALL THE TIME. How great would this be to have at a concert?

You can learn more about Crankcase HERE



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