Let's face it the past couple of months have not been kind to motorists who travel I-10 or Loop 210 through Lake Charles. Construction projects and inspections on the Calcasieu River Bridge really put a bottleneck on traffic earlier this year.  Only to be followed by doom and gloom reports of just how bad things were going to be when construction on the bridge on I-210 began.

It might not be all doom and gloom and certainly not for as long as once thought.

The shining light at the end of the tunnel or bridge I should say is not from one of many casinos hoping the construction won't damage their flow of visitors. That shining beacon of good news has come from the Department of Transportation and Development.

The proposed time is far less than the Department’s revised time estimate and will certainly not be as painful for the traveling public as what it would have been had the original contract not been rejected and reworked by the department.

What that means in real people speak is that the estimated three years needed to complete the I-210 project might actually take only one year to complete. The huge turnaround time swing has been brought about by reworking the contract and including better access to the worksite for work crews.

The final bids have not been approved so, therefore, specific start and end dates are not available at this time. However, a drop in construction tie-ups from three years to eighteen months to now about one year is certainly good news for anyone who's had to sit in traffic because of construction.

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