A trend of "escape" rooms have made their way into Acadiana and now we've got a third one.

iEscape is now open at 400 Westgate Road in Scott (next to Scott Oak Cleaners).

If you have never been to an escape room entertainment facility, the concept is pretty simple, yet fun. You and a group of friends get an hour to solve a series of tasks or problems in order to "escape" the room.

Here is what you can expect from iEscape, according to their website:

iEscape Scott is an innovative new Escape Room adventure in the Southwest Louisiana area and surrounding areas . For those who aren’t familiar, iEscape is a space that has been decorated, designed, and decked out with a theme and puzzles that you and a group of friends, family and coworkers will have an hour to solve. Traditionally, the end-goal of an Escape Room is to, as the name suggests, Escape the Room by solving the puzzles and unlocking the door. iEscape Scott offers story driven puzzles that teach you about the world, the people in the room with you, and yourself.

In addition to the new iEscape, you can check out Escape Room on Congress Street in Lafayette or Unravel Escape Games in downtown Lafayette.