Cracklins are as good as gold in Acadiana. Actually, they're better than gold because they taste a lot better. As you know, if you want to get the good stuff, much like gold, it's not cheap. What if we used cracklins as currency? If we did, here is what they'd be worth...

Taking into account the average cost per pound of cracklins in Acadiana is $24, the rough exchange rate would be -

1 lb of cracklins =

10 gallons of gasoline

1.5 lbs of live lobster

2 movie tickets (and CVS candy)

1.75 lbs of New York Strip steak

1.2 cases of Bud Light​

7 gallons of milk

184 packs of Ramen noodles

2 lbs of shelled pecans

15 lb turkey



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