Our good friends at IHOP have had the same logo for some 20 years. A blue box with "IHOP" written in it, with a red curved banner underneath that says "RESTAURANT".

And after two decades, they just realized that it looks like a frown.

So, the good folks at IHOP have decided they need to turn their frown upside down and change their logo.

Here it is, the before and after.

Old and New IHOP Logos

When asked about the change, a marketing director for the company gave a very "marketing executive" type answer.

"A person's frown is just not in concert with guests' expectations...in many cases, just thinking about our world famous pancakes makes [people] smile," said the unnamed marketing director for IHOP.

And I sure get to smiling when I see my Rooty Tooty Fresh 'N Fruity!

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