The reason we have National Parks and nature preserves is so we can see and share the heritage of our great land. These lands were set aside for us to view and not modify. Modify is what these three jackwagons did in Goblin Valley State Park Utah.

On the video they see themselves as heroes. In reality they should be ashamed and never be allowed inside a park again. Okay, all they did was push over a boulder. What if every visitor to The Grand Canyon decided to throw a stone over the side? Eventually the canyon will be nothing more than a pile of rocks.

These guys did in under a minute what it took nature over 200 million years to do. What right do these guys have to destroy the natural beauty of the land in a place that was set aside for all of us to enjoy. Maybe you don't get into boulders balancing on tiny peaks but I bet you care about the basin or Vermilion Bay. This is just wrong of these guys and I am so glad they decided to share their adventure on line. I hope they are arrested and prosecuted.


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