The quest for a late night snack almost turned deadly for a Florida woman. 18 year old Aalaya Walker was visiting a friend's home when she got hungry for waffles.

The young lady went to the kitchen to preheat the oven unaware that her friend had stored ammunition for his Glock inside.


It is not certain what temperature the oven reached before the bullets ignited sending metal fragments through the oven door. The woman was able to remove pieces of metal from her leg and torso. She then took a bus to a hospital where she was treated and released.

The woman's friend, 25 year old JJ Sandy said he stored the ammunition in the oven away from where he stored the .45 caliber weapon. According to police Sandy had the proper permits to own and carry the weapon so no charges were filed.

There have been reports of bullets firing on their own when exposed to high temperatures. TV's Mythbusters  show even did an episode on the subject and their findings indicated that bullets can in fact discharge from a gun when exposed to temperatures in excess of 280 degrees.

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