South Louisiana's weather has been a lot unsettled at times over the past several weeks. It seems during the past month we've had several days of great weather followed by a day or two of horrific storms. One of those stormy events took place last week and investigators have confirmed what some residents thought, a tornado did in fact touchdown.

Just for clarity's sake, a series of storms that passed through the area this past Friday did spawn a tornado in the Mamou area. But the storm investigators were seeking to confirm actually took place south of Longville on Tuesday night. That storm stayed on the ground, according to investigators, for about 14 miles to near Gillis.

A look back at National Weather Service records indicates that this storm did not have a tornado warning posted at the time the violent weather hit. There was a severe thunderstorm warning issued for the system though. We should let that serve as a reminder that tornadoes can drop our of severe storms without warning. That's why you should really pay attention anytime a warning of any kind has been posted.

Damage along the storm's path was mainly in the form of downed trees and powerlines. Some homes did sustain damage either from the winds or flying debris. Fortunately, there were no injuries reported in Tuesday's storm or in Friday's storm which affected the Mamou area.

Forecasters say this week's forecast should be rather quiet compared to the past couple of weeks but we do have the beginning of hurricane season looming in about three weeks.


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